Thursday, January 3, 2013

Watermead C2 - the final link - COMPLETE

December's flood water has receded from Watermead, so NCNs 6 and 48 now open from Watermead Way to N Birstall and Syston -albeit through unpleasant muddy stretches.  The Wreake Bridge is open, and - despite more mud along the way near the Hope & Anchor - makes a super ride from Watermead Park North to Syston Road, Cossington.  Fair amount of traffic on it today.  For some reason, the covers on the signs towards the Cossington Link at Syston Road haven't been removed - am investigating why.

From towpath towards Junction Lock

From W ramp (Dave Houseman gets his wish!)

Looking S towards S ramp

W ramp towards Junction Lock

So that's it:  Watermead Connect2 essentially complete.  I encountered 18 cyclists there this morning.  I also spoke to a dog-walker near Junction Lock:  he comes specially each day from Thurcaston to enjoy the relatively clean hard-surfaced paths provided by Connect2 in preference to the current morass of his local paths.  Sums up our C2 quite well in a way:  nothing spectacular, but a great enhancement in terms of usability and enjoyment of Watermead for a great many people, and being put to good use.

Signing off.