Thursday, September 30, 2010

SkyRide 2010

Excellent day from my viewpoint. The "Park & Ride hub" at King Lear Lake, Watermead run by the County Council plus volunteer Stewards functioned well (even after the gazebo was lost in a gust in THAT RAIN!). We stuffed all the freebie 'goodie-bags' with Sustrans literature, and talked cycling non-stop all morning to the hundreds of cyclists (we clocked 530) departing through Watermead and Birstall to join the main Ride at Belgrave.

This year, we accompanied scheduled groups of riders on the route into Belgrave. I went with 3 groups (did 23 miles on the day!!), the largest being way over 150 riders. This took over 15 minutes to squeeze through the bottleneck by the Showman's Park at Bath Street) - quite scary in places; it's a bad stretch of NCN Route 6. Need to look at that, especially the unsafe gate at the end.

Had a good choice of hi-vis to wear on the day - SkyRide bib or SkyRide 'Event Staff' or Sustrans. Opted to wear the Event Staff one, but used my usual Sustrans jacket taped over saddlebag as a Sustrans advert!! Raised the usual questions - "What is Sustrans ..... " :-(

Talked to lots of riders returning to Watermead in the afternoon (while drying out in the sun at Birstall, and giving out more Sustrans leaflets). Several 5-year-olds cycled the whole 6 miles in from and out to King Lear Lake, as well as (at least) once round the central course: very creditable. Very few unhappy faces and only 1 lost child incident - quickly cleared up. Yes, a very good day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sustrans at the Skyride

Volunteers manned our stall throughout the day at the second Skyride Leicester.  12,500 people were recorded as cycling on the day and a good many visited the stall.  Leaflets about Sustrans were distributed alongside materials and maps provided by the local councils.  Most requested and most sadly missed item was the Leicester Cycling Map - this has been 'in production' for a prolonged period.
I have e-mailed the City Council reporting how many requests we had on the Skyride day but am still awaiting a reply.  Please mail, phone or send a letter to support our requests.
We learnt alot during the day - not least that we need paper weights to hold down the leaflets in the wind that sprung up in the afternoon.
On the whole a successful day for Sustrans and the Skyride organisers.  How lovely to see an event like this come to our city.  You may like to follow this link to see news, pictures and videos of the ride.