Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signing ride, route 63

A beautiful spring day saw four of us at Bede Island just off the Great Central Way.  Heather, who has responsibility for route 63 from Bede Island to Glenfield and Nigel who takes over from there towards Thornton.  Rory brought along his friend Kyle who lead for much of the ride.
We found signs that needed twisting back to show the correct direction.

Signs that looked better ater the bushes had been given a good trim.

And some that just needed replacing to make the route clearer.
In all we found several places which will need further attention and a new supply of signs has been ordered.
It was a useful ride, good to have a new pair of eyes looking at our familiar routes and hopefully when the new signs arrive and are in place the route will be clearer for everyone to use.