Saturday, December 22, 2012

Watermead flooding

NCN48 at Birstall entrance to Watermead Park - 300mm deep and flowing fast
All routes leading through Watermead South or Watermead North, plus Birstall canal bank near White Horse under water again 21 Dec - ?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Watermead C2: the final link - 3 1/2

3 1/2?  Well, I'd hoped it'd be finished by now (the work on the new Wreake Bridge, I mean), but apparently it will be by the end of this week.  You can see from the following that the Y section of the Bridge heading west to the cyclepath and east to the Wreake-side footpath are installed, but finishing handrails and tarmacing were still in progress today.

The part-collapse of the cyclepath 50m W of the bridge has been joined by distortion of the paviers and concrete-topped bank immediately S of the bridge.  The latter was apparently linked to the sinking of a boat tethered to this part recently.  It's a sheet-piled section of the bank, so should be reparable.  Hopefully neither of these issues will delay re-opening of the cyclepath to traffic.

Tarmacing the N approach . . . 

. . . . and the result.

Ramp at S end onto the Bridge.  (Will have to get that sharp cornered rail seen to . . )

Distorted paviers and slumped edge to towpath at S end of Bridge

The Y junction at the N end:  cyclepath turns West (where man in hi-vis is standing . . .

. . . . and the steps to the Wreak-side path turn East.


. . . . the crossing warning lights are in action.  They seem to actuate with vehicle
overspeed on approach, even without cyclists being present at the crossing.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Watermead C2: the final link - 3

All quiet near the site at 8 a.m.

The main span of the new bridge over the Wreake was emplaced this morning.The northern exit ramps and steps should be complete by Christmas, so the cycle- and pedestrian- way for the Cossington Link can be re-opened.

The crane arrives - backwards . . .
. . . followed by the main span from the factory in Huddersfield.

Final preparations on-site.
Trial slew and reach.
Northern abutment and access steps.
Southern abutment leading to access ramp.

Lifting off the truck . . .
. . . and slew and reach into position.
Lowering down . . .
. . . 3m to go . . .
Touching down and bolting the Northern end . . .
. . . followed by the Southern end.  11:15 a.m.