Friday, November 23, 2012

New NCN6 stretch available

The good news:  a new stretch of NCN6 has opened through Watermead Park South, and along Birstall Promenade.

The bad news:  that's National Canoe Network 6, sometimes also known, given the wildlife interest of the area, as National Cygnet Network 6 - all right, I know they're geese in the pic below!  All thoughts of using the same route in its intended guise of National CYCLE Network 6 should be abandoned for the moment!  Use Loughborough Road to Red Hill Circus, then Birstall Road into Village Centre (no cyclepaths).

The narrow boat in the pic was blown onto the towpath last night (21st), and is leaning badly now.

I'd guess this problem will last at least 5 days - longer if Sunday brings more heavy rain - until the water drops, and the mud which will be lying on the paths is cleared.

River water is flowing along NCN48 at the S end of Watermead Park.  It'll probably be impassable at Hope and Anchor too.  Use A607 north out of Leicester, then Melton Road to Syston - cycle paths most of the way.

The even worse possibility:  river/canal conditions could lead to disruption/ postponement of the planned C2 installation of the Wreake Bridge span on 03 December, unless there's a remarkable improvement from today's situation.  (That's my guess, not an official announcement.  Will check it out when conditions allow.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Watermead C2; signing success in Syston

The 'Syston gap' in NCN48 through that village was bridged earlier this year with a link constructed between the eastern edge of the Sports Field via Brookside and School St  to the southern end of Upper Church St.  Some signage was provided, to the style adopted by the County Council for 'Green Route 1'.   However, this did not include any indication at the School St/Walkers Way junction that the cyclepath must northbound turn left off the main carriageway to continue along School St.

I was very pleased to note today that an additional signpost has been provided at this point.  Thanks to those who facilitated this job.  Our Volunteer Group plans a Signing Ride for early 2013 which will act as a formal review of all the newly provided NCN 48 cyclepaths and signage.

Watermead C2: the final link - 2

Cossington Link:  Wreake Bridge progress
The old span was removed in pieces a couple of weeks ago, and work continues to complete the approach ramps and prepare the abutments to receive the span.  The picture shows the nicely paviered southern approach ramp.  The elevated section of the northern approach ramp is centre-left.  The structure will be quite an unusual feature for a canalside cycle path, when finished.

The new span is still being completed at the Huddersfield factory.  Prospective date for craning it into position is 3rd December, so just possible the bridge and the Cossington Link will be open by end-year.