Sunday, February 2, 2014

Win one; lose one

That's how it is with bridges round our way at the moment . . . 

The new bridge over the River Soar at the Space Centre is open, and the graffiti have been cleaned off.  Must be coming up to an opening ceremony (?).  
Wolsey Island's new approach

Good  - though not exactly nice - view from there.

Bit late for hospice care, really . . 
Whereas for Belgrave Flyover, beloved of so many kids on bikes during Leicester City Skyrides (well, it's - or rather it was - the only hill on the route) is being dismantled, starting today.  The road deck was fast disappearing, and the Council's
Road deck disappearing . . .

. . .  and gone.
crowd stewards were well in evidence there this afternoon (Sunday 2nd) - though not tbh the crowds.