Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Milepost Reincarnation - 5 . . . . AND LAST!

A tale in several instalments, at last complete - 5

 'Tracks' in situ near King Lear Lake
courtesy Leicester County Council
Well, here is the Milepost on site and bolted down today - after a 2 1/2 year gestation.  Leicestershire County Council have installed it in Watermead Park North, where it can form another item of artwork along NCN 48.  (There is a Portrait Bench commemorating the Watermead Connect2 scheme half a mile nearer Leicester.)

Maybe that 'Green Route 1' sign can be removed now

Rear of base with security nuts

No surprises to report.  The Milepost is held down by 12mm Rawlbolts, with security nuts.  Presumably these will obviate then need for a further layer of concrete to conceal the holding-down fixtures.

Whew - level!

The arm has been properly fitted, using the witness marks described in part 2.  So the text in the centre of the arms is level, as intended.  The destination and distance text in the arms slopes of course, this being determined by the artistic design of the Milepost.

To quote David Dudgeon '. . a track for me to follow . .'
Thanks are due to James Lowe (Sustrans Area Manager), Richard Himan (Sustrans Volunteer), Renée van Baar (Sustrans Project Support Officer), and Samantha Ireson (Leicestershire County Council, Senior Access and Development Officer, Travel Choice & Access Team)

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