Monday, September 23, 2013

Milepost Reincarnation - 4

A tale to be told in several instalments, not yet complete - 4

Site and Foundation
Been a long Summer . . .  seems ages since the Milepost, fully painted up and wrapped, left my place for installation in Watermead Park North.  The planned site, marked by a red star below
 is on NCN 48 where it passes King Lear Lake Car Park:  OS ref 6071 1059.  Leicestershire County Council agreed to provide the foundation block, transport the Milepost to site, and install it.

Last week the concrete foundation block (for which there is a Sustrans standard available from Head Office) was constructed.

and now awaits delivery and bolting down of the milepost.

The Sustrans online mapping STILL hasn't caught up with the actual route of NCN 48 in Watermead Park North.  The on-the-ground signage provided under Connect2, and linked to 'Green Route 1' marks a more easterly route, passing the Portrait Bench at Thurmaston Lock, and traversing the eastern, not western, side of King Lear Lake.  As a result, both the Leicester Cycle Map and the newly printed Sustrans Midlands cycle map are in error.  The reason for mentioning this here is that the mapping shows NCN 48 as NOT passing the milepost site, though there is a fixed 'Green Route 1 sign' right next to the new foundation - see upper photo!

Milepost for National Forest
Leicestershire County Council hinted last week that they may be taking on the installation of the second Milepost held in store by Leicester Sustrans Volunteer Group.  Details of its siting, information to carry, new arm(s) to be cast, etc. are awaited.


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