Friday, September 13, 2013

Glenfield Tunnel re-opening scheme

Could Leicester emulate Bath's success in converting an unused relic, costing the City ratepayers enormous sums, into a tourist attraction - plus cycle and pedestrian artery into the City from the West?

See Leicester Mercury.  Far from tunnel vision, the next-to-last paragraph indicates that a reopening is on Sir Peter Soulsby's agenda.

The video is available here VIDEO
Fast forward to 16 minutes in.    [Sorry; BBC iPlayer will no longer show this video]

I would suggest the next move should be to ask Sir Peter to visit Bath, and ride the Two Tunnels Greenway, if he hasn't already done so.  It's stupendous!


  1. I used to live in Glenfield village just prior to WWII and up to call up in 1944. As children, the tunnel was a big attraction, mainly on Sundays when there were no trains. A footpath with a flight of 52 steps was our access point for the tunnel, crossing the track a short distance from the eastern portal. On at least two occasions, school trips started for Glenfield, but could not traverse the tunnel, due to the engines being much bigger than the normal coal train engines. The trains came in from Ratby and Desford, then went out again eastward. London Zoo and Lever Brothers soap works were two trips that I remember. The worst tasting ice cream I have ever tasted purchased at London Zoo, and a free bar of soap given to everyone after the visit to the Soap Works at Liverpool. Viewed the entrance to the Mersey tunnel at Birkenhead, and a ship called Mauritius being built.

  2. Memory failure on my part. Ship being built was Thr Mauritania!! Sorry folks.