Monday, September 2, 2013

Canal towpath/cyclepath issues

1     The repair on NCN 6 at Birstall Quay, between Whiles Lane and White Horse Bridge is STILL unfinished, lacking the tarmac to restore the path fully.  The unfinished stretch is unpleasant, being loose gravel/sand.  Canal & River Trust haven't replied to request for a completion date.

Spoke to crew on the canal vessels now repairing collapse N of 3-Way Bridge today (04 Sept 2013).  They say Birstall Quay tarmacing is responsibility of Leics County Council.  Well, what a surprise!  Tarmac repairs have been going on in White Horse Lane, 50m away, this week, but nothing done yet on the Quay.

County Council confirmed late September that responsibility for the still awaited tarmacing rests contractually with CaRT.  Since CaRT never deigned to reply to my (or recent County Council) enquiry re completion date, not much point in pursuing this further!  :-(

2     The towpath damage on the Cossington Link at the S end of 3-Way Bridge has been repaired, and the last paviors went in today, thought there are wooden sheets over them while they settle.  Looks as if the 'cyclists dismount' signs can be removed next week.

Removed 04 Sept 2013.

3     There are numerous other sites - 2 now fenced off - between the Hope & Anchor and Junction Lock where the cyclepath tarmac at the water side has cracked and slumped towards the water.  No doubt there will be other stretches to repair fairly soon.

CaRT are now repairing the collapse 100m N of 3-Way Bridge.  They say this was caused by County Council work at the  site during Connect2 work.  They say the same about the damage S of the Bridge, which they've just repaired, mind you!

So 'take care' along these towpath stretches is the maxim.

First published 02 Sept 2013
Updated 04 Sept 2013
Updated 30 Sept 2013

All these repair works recently completed, and all NCNs 6 & 48 diversion signs removed.

AKD   10 Dec 2013

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